Best Scar Gel

When it comes to the best scar gel, Scarfade is definitely one of the best. There are so many products we can choose from, so be careful to chose wisely. Scarfade Gel contains Silicone, which is a proven ingredient for healing scars. It has been medically proven that scar gels containing silicone, slows down the over production of collagen, which is the culprit associated with scar formation.

Best Scar Gel

Why is Scarfade One of The Best Scar Gels?

Scarfade Gel can be used on all types of scars including cuts, scratches, burns, scars from surgeries and acne scars. Since 1997, Scarfade Scar Gel has been helping improve the appearance of scars.

Silicone, also known as dimethicone is the only ingredient that has been shown to be effective on scar reduction. It is backed up by numerous scientific studies published in medical journals. Silicone (dimethicone) is an ingredient to look for when purchasing an effective scar gel or cream. Here are some additional reasons why Scarfade is one of the best scar gels on the market.

  • Improves the appearance of existing scars and can prevent scars from new wounds
  • A widely recognized name when it comes to topical scar treatment
  • Can be used on all types of scars (especially good for keloid and hypertrophic scars)
  • Manufactured at an FDA Registered Facility
  • Can be kept in the medicine cabinet to quickly heal minor scraps and scratches
  • Medically recommended
  • Contains medical grade silicone

How Long Should I Use Scarfade?

The recommended usage for Scarfade Scar gel is 12-16 weeks, or until you see changes in the size and severity of the scar. Scarfade Gel should be applied to the scar twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. If the scar is in an area that would get wet and washed off (such as the hand area), you can reapply Scarfade Gel as needed.

They Stand Behind Their Product

Another reason we feel Scarfade Gel is one of the best scar gels is their unconditional satisfaction guarantee. They simply offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason, even a service related issue. You would simply contact the company and they will refund your money. It has been my experience, when companies stand behind their products, they tend to be quality products.


Some Additional Information

Scarfade Gel is the original formula and still the most popular. However, they now offer Scarfade with Vitamin C. It is like the original formula, but enhanced with a small percentage of Vitamin C Ester. We all know how great Vitimin C is for the skin.

They also offer scar sheeting products. However, the sheeting is difficult to keep on the skin on certain areas of the body such as elbows, skin folds or on the face. The Scarfade Gel can be used conveniently without having to worry about the sheet sliding out of place. Typically, Scarfade Sheeting would be recommended by your physician for larger more prominent scars. Especially those at risk for keloid formation.
Scarfade Gel is safe for use on children. You can also use it safely on your face, However; you want to make sure you avoid any contact with the eye area. There are no known side effects when using Scarfade Gel.

You can typically start using scar fade for surgical scars once the stitches are taken out. As with anything, you want to check with your physician on the proper time to begin the scar gel treatment.

Final Thoughts

Scarfade Gel has excellent customer satisfaction and for good reason. The medical grade silicone in the product makes it a top choice for ridding yourself of that unpleasant scar. We feel it is one of the best scar gels out there.

It definitely takes our top honor as the best scar gel for quickly healing your scar. We think you will agree with us.




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