How To Heal Surgical Scars

If you are currently recovering from surgery, and are wondering how long does it take a scar to heal, then this article is for you. One clinically proven ingredient known for healing scars is silicone. But then the next question. “What is the best silicone scar treatment”? Let’s take a look at some answers.

How Long Does It Take A Scar To Heal?How to heal surgical scars

Actually that is a very complicated question with no definitive answer. Everyone heals differently and there are many factors that can determine the recovery time. One of the most important factors in healing a scar is following all of your physician’s instructions for taking care of your wound. A wound infection would slow down the healing process and make the recovery time much longer. When there is an infection, the pathogenic microbes that have taken over the wound area, compete with fibroblasts for the limited nutrients and other healing resources. Fibroblasts and Myofibroblasts play a key role in physiological tissue repair, thereby helping the wound to heal. Another component in healing is nutrition. Yes, what you eat has been scientifically proven to affect healing time. So you want to make sure you are eating a healthy well-balanced diet. Eating the right foods go a long way in helping the wound healing process. Your age plays a role in determining the amount of time it takes a wound to heal. Elderly people are at an increased risk of slow wound healing, with children healing the fastest. Lastly, the size and depth of the surgery incision will determine how long the healing process takes. The complete healing time can sometimes be up to a year.

What Are Steps to Take to Help The Healing Process?

MedicalIt is first good to understand the wound healing process. There are 4 phases in the process. The first stage is the blood clotting, followed by inflammation, tissue growth and finally tissue remodeling. One of the biggest steps you can take is following all of your surgeon’s post surgery instructions. Your incision is closed by stitches, staples or tape and the care methods may vary depending on that factor. Typically, you would be instructed to keep the area clean and covered. Your surgeon  would let you know how often to change the dressing. It is important to be watchful for any sign of an infection. Some signs may include excessive bleeding, yellow or green discharge, increased pain and the incision may be hot to the touch.

You would never want to rub or scrub an incision. Some other things to avoid during the healing process are lotions and powders. Usually your surgeon will advise when you are able to fully bathe or shower. Typically, just sponge baths are instructed at the beginning of the healing process. Your physician will advise on when you are able to get back to your normal bathing process.


Silicone Gel Sheeting For Scar Reducing

Topical Silicone Gel Sheeting still remains the top clinically recommended scar management tool. Silicone Gel Sheeting has been used successfully for over 30 years. It is an internationally accepted method for scar reduction. Silicone increases the hydration of the Stratum Corneum which helps the Fibroblast production and reduces collagen production. Less collagen production means a smaller scar.

There is no universal scoring system to measure scars. However; the Scar Elevation Index or (SEI) is commonly used. It is the measure of the scar tissue in relation to the surrounding normal skin sample. Many studies show that Silicone Gel Sheeting minimizes the scar size.

Your surgical wound must be fully healed before applying Silicone Gel Sheets. That means you cannot have any scabs or crusts left on the wound. You would want to check with your surgeon concerning your particular scar and what their recommendation would be for Silicone Gel Usage. Silicone Gel Sheets helps to lessen the itching and discomfort. It is advised to use a silicone product with medical grade silicone. One of the best silicone scar treatment products is NewGel + Silicone Gel Strips. NewGel users have provided rave reviews about the results they obtained by using this product. We feel this product won’t disappoint!

NewGel + Silicone Gel Strips provide you with the following benefits.
  • Contain medical grade silicone gel strips  
  • Has been clinically proven to help flatten, fade and soften scars
  • It is self-adhesive and can be reused

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NewGel is the best silicone scar treatment



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  1. Your site is very useful and educational especially for people with scar problem. If I knew about Silicone Gel after my neck surgery maybe I didn’t have the noticeable scar on my neck. Thank you.

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